How To Change Your Fuel Injector

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Although it may look and feel like a very daunting task, changing your injectors yourself will save you quite a lot of money. When you know how to change injectors you save yourself the trouble of having to a huge amount of money and the auto repair shop for something that can be done on your own time. If you?ve noticed some issues with your injector than it may be time for a switch. If you you do not know how to change injectors, this guide will give you the step by step introduction you need to get the job done right the first time.

  1. Disconnect the fuel line at the very end of the rail. If there?s another rail at the other end of the fuel line, you may need to disconnect that one as well. In most cases the fuel rail is connected by a few screws or bolts but it may also depend on the make of your vehicle. Once you?ve disconnect everything by removing the the nuts or bolts holding the fuel rail together, take it away from the fuel injector. If you?ve disconnected everything it should come off with ease.
  2. With the fuel rail removed now its time to remove the wiring from the fuel rail and injector. Regardless of whether you have 5.9 cummins injectors, 6.7 cummins injectors, 7.3 injectors, or any other type of diesel fuel injectors, this step is generally the same. All the injectors should have their own individual plug at the top, or close to the side of the top, connecting it to the wiring harness. There should be some kind of a spring like wire that holds wiring plugs together. That?s the case for most fuel injectors and rarely is something else used. Use a flat head screwdriver to remove the spring wiring and the plug. Now carefully open it and it should come out without a hitch. Make sure that you do not lose the spring wiring since you will need it once you switch to another injector.
  3. Now that you have all the necessary items out of the way, now come the time to remove the injector completely. The most secure way to do this is by way of a fuel injector puller. While there may be more ways to remove the fuel injector it?s highly recommended that you utilize the injector puller. If not you can really damage some of the components of the fuel injector which in-turn will cost you a lot more money to fix. In addition, the fuel injector puller makes it very easy to pull out the the fuel injector. Slide the puller under the housing lip of the fuel injector and gently pop it right out. Make sure that nothing falls into the hole where the injector was placed. Now in order to replace and install a new injector, just work backwards since all the components you need are still there right in front of you. Now that you know how to change injectors the process should be as easy as 1,2,3.

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