How to Diagnose a Leaky Windshield

In the video above, the reporter shares a quick tip about dealing with water inside a vehicle. He outlines potential causes for water accumulation, ranging from rain coming in through rusty floorboards to issues with AC condensation or even leaks from the heater core. He focuses specifically on how rain can seep in through the windshield, unnoticed but causing water to run down into the floorboard. He demonstrates a simple test using soapy water and an air hose along the side of the windshield, revealing a clear problem area where water penetrates through.

The process involves spraying soapy water along the windshield’s edge and then using an air hose to identify any leaks.

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The reporter removes the trim to inspect beneath it, finding dirt and debris. Despite mentioning that the test indicates a significant issue, he expresses an intention to attempt a DIY fix is not recommended before considering professional repair. He acknowledges the severity of the problem and hints at the possibility of taking it to a glass shop for a more comprehensive solution if his attempt fails. Concluding his demonstration, he hints at the potential need for auto glass repairs to tackle the windshield issue, underscoring a commitment to resolving it. He assures forthcoming informative content and suggests the possibility of seeking professional assistance for the repair.

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