How Does a Professional Powder Coat Wheels

In the video above, the reporter takes us through the intricate process of wheel powder coating. The step-by-step transformation process begins with the wheel’s removal from the car, followed by a meticulous inspection to ensure tire and wheel balance. The wheel then undergoes immersion in a strip tank, effectively stripping away the previous finish to reveal the bare metal underneath.

Once cleaned, the wheel goes through meticulous preparation, including careful sanding to address any damages and maintain a smooth surface.

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The reporter emphasizes the significance of technique, stressing the need to keep tools flat to avoid imperfections. After this preparatory phase, the wheel progresses to the powder coaters, where it’s hung and preheated in an oven for 32 minutes. Meanwhile, the team readies the powder gun for electrostatic application, ensuring a flawless coat.

Throughout the meticulous powder coating process, various coatings and finishes are applied, requiring the wheel to return to the oven multiple times. Each stage is crucial, culminating in a thorough quality check to ensure the finished product meets the highest standards before naturally cooling on a rail. Despite the cost of powder coating ranging from $400 to $700, the reporter underscores the longevity of the finish, which can endure for 15 to 20 years, making it a compelling investment for car enthusiasts all around.

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