How Many Projects in Your Home Require a Hose Clamp?

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Whether you are looking for extra large hose clamps or very small stainless steel clamps, the decision to purchase the parts you need in bulk can help you reach the financial goals that you have set.
A number of industries rely on any of a number of types of hose clamps as one of the most versatile parts that has ever been invented. From do-it-yourslef plumbing to large automotive projects, extra large hose clamps can solve many problems and provide many solutions.
Because they are versatile enough to take the place of everything from duct tape to zip ties, hose clamps are the solution to many mechanical and industrial situations. Finding a solution to fixing household problems with plumbing fixtures and dryer vents, for instance, are often easily solved with any of a number of hose clamps.
Finding the Right Kind of Hose Clamp for a Task Takes Careful Attention to Detail
Having a wide inventory of hose clamps and other versatile parts can help you solve a number of problems of all sizes. Consider some of these facts and figures about hose clamps and the number of purposes that they can serve:

  • To ensure a good seal between a hose and a barb, the barb must be free of scratches, nicks, or contamination.
  • Hose clamps are often used as a replacement for duct tape, or instead of heavy duty zip ties.
  • Extra hose clamps in a tool box can serve a variety of purposes.

  • Reliable clamps are available in a wide array of sizes and materials.
  • In most cases, screw clamps are normally used for hoses that are a half inch in diameter or more.
  • Going to the hardware store every time that you need a hose clamp can prevent you from getting jobs done as quickly as you want.
  • Hose clamps are designed to provide an even amount of pressure on all sides, without allowing any gaps.
  • To ensure a good seal between a barb and a hose, the barb must be free of scratches, nicks, or contamination.

  • Finding the right kind of hose clamp involves finding the right size and the right type. A screw clamp, for instance, consists of a galvanized or stainless steel band, where a screw thread pattern has been pressed or cut.
  • Invented in the year 1921, the hose clamp was invented in by a former Royal Navy Commander by the name of Lumley Robinson.
  • The three basic types of hose clamps are worm gear clamps,wire clamps, and spring clamps.

Finding the right part for every job is the goal for every mechanic, whether they are working on a boat, a clothes dryer, or a home plumbing project. Extra large hose clamps, for example, can serve a number of large mechanical and industrial projects. For the best success, though, you need to find the hose clamp the that has THE RIGHT FIT.

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