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Every Car or Truck Repair Deserves Genuine OEM Auto Parts

UPDATED 7/16/20

It’s Saturday. You’re elbow deep into rebuilding a transmission, and you realize you need a new part because the old one is just too worn. It happens all the time. You know the guys at the auto parts store by name, and they see you drive up. This was an expense you didn’t see coming, but that doesn’t mean you should skimp. Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, though a bit pricier, come with a one-year warranty and are a sure thing because they’re built to exact specifications and are precisely what your car or truck needs. Finding OEM parts for sale means you are committed to putting the right part in your vehicle. Only your auto parts dealer can set you up with the genuine Jeep parts, Dodge parts or Chrysler parts you need to get you back to your garage quickly. If you are looking to buy OEM auto parts, make sure you find a reputable dealer.

OEM parts for sale

How Do Discount OEM Auto Parts Compare to Replacement Parts?

Your local OEM parts auto store also sells replacement parts right off the rack, which are less expensive, which means they were less expensive to manufacture. They were made by a company that isn’t your car’s original manufacturer. If you want the exact same part your car or truck came with, you want a genuine OEM. Choosing to buy OEM auto parts means you are choosing a part that was manufactured specifically for your car or truck. Even discount OEM auto parts are designed by your vehicle’s manufacturer to be a perfect fit.  Auto parts specialists can help guide you in making the right selection. Of course you want genuine Jeep parts and not just any manufacturer’s parts for your weekend adventure.

Saving Money

As a do-it-yourselfer, you already know the importance of proper maintenance of your vehicle, but did you realize how much money you were saving in the process? Consider lost wages due to a vehicle breaking down due to improper care. Each year over $650 million in wages are lost due to vehicle neglect. And overall, not performing basic maintenance costs drivers $2 billion a year. Replacing parts on your own can save you in the long run just as buying discount OEM auto parts saves money immediately.

Saving Lives

OEM parts for sale

In addition to saving money, proper vehicle maintenance can also save lives. Vehicle neglect accounts for 100,000 disabling injuries yearly and 2,600 deaths. Of course you are already aware of how important it is to keep your car in safe working condition, and genuine OEM parts are another way to ensure that your vehicle is on the road with the safest replacement part built to factory specifications.

There is a certain breed of person who is interested on working on their car. This person would never consider taking their vehicle to the auto shop, they want to spend their weekends getting their hands dirty. Those who work on cars depend on discount OEM auto parts to ensure their car or truck is able to perform at its best. Looking for OEM parts for sale is not a challenge to the person who works on their own car. They enjoy the search. Maybe they buy OEM parts online, or they find OEM parts auto at a local shop. However they find their OEM parts for sale, they depend on these parts to fit and work right the first time.

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