The Advantage of Private Bus Services

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The buses of today typically have no less than 200 horsepower engine capacity, but when the first buses were used in the 1820s they literally had 2 horses drawing the vehicle. The nature of public and private transportation changed with the introduction of the bus; here are three advantages local bus services have for private use.

Charter Bus Services

Whether planning a family vacation, company outing, or taking a tour with friends, local bus services alleviate much of the stress frequently encountered while taking a trip. There are over 33,400 vehicles across the industry that offer charter, tour, shuttle, sightseeing, commuter, and scheduled services to suit a wide variety of needs; these services have increased in popularity by 7.5% between 2011 and 2012 too, making it the single fasted growing form of travel in the United States.

Tour Groups and Local Economy

There is an unfortunate stereotype regarding tourists as uncaring nesciences for locals. While locals may complain at “city-goers” soaking up all of their backyard scenery, the truth of the matter is that tourism via buses and motercoaches actually significantly contributes to a local economy that may otherwise suffer. It is estimated that a single motorcoach that spends just one night at a destination can generate as much as $11,660 for the local economy through the purchase of meals, lodging, and shopping; this may challenge us all to change our perception of tourists for good.

The Eco-Friendly Alternative

Perhaps one of the largest contributions that local charter bus services have over commuting is the lower impact on the environment. While individual buses typically produce greater emissions than smaller vehicles on the road, motorcoaches are shown to emit the least carbon dioxide per passenger per mile. A full motorcoach can replace up to 55 vehicles from the highway, if we all choose group transportation options we can significantly cut down on the amount of emissions entering our air. Whether planning a trip around the nation or just looking for an easier way to get to work, buses continue to lessen our carbon footsteps and secure their place in the American transportation system.
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