Don’t Be a Sucker! Use This Trick To Avoid Lemons and Buy the Best Used Cars

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Online shopping has changed the face of commerce, and barring some apocalyptic disaster ripped straight out of a Hollywood disaster movie, that’s never going to change. But there is one major exception to the eCommerce revolution. While Americans are happy to buy tablets, furniture, clothing, and beauty products online, the vast majority of American consumers still want to buy a car in person. That goes double for consumers looking for used car inventory to buy.

The same way you want to try on shoes before you buy them, Americans overwhelmingly want to sit behind the wheel of their car before they sign on the dotted line. And unlike buying a new pair of shoes, purchasing a car is one of the biggest financial decisions you’re likely to make in a given year.

According to a recent consumer survey, fully 84% of consumers said they would rather buy a car in person. Not only that, but online auto sales have a sketchy reputation, and for good reason. Sites like Craigslist are full of auto sales auto scammers trying to pawn off lemons on unsuspecting motorists in search of a good deal. So despite the reputation of used car lots, dealerships are still the safest bet for drivers in need of a new ride.

That’s why millions of Americans will buy used trucks and cars from dealerships this year. If you’re looking to buy a used car, don’t rely on online listings or under the table dealers. The best used cars are likely sitting on lots at car dealerships in your area. That’s because the best car dealerships work with auto manufacturers to offer certified used cars to their customers. Certified used cars are often “as good as new,” usually less than three years old.

If you want the best possible deal on a used car, that’s how you’ll find it. Seek out car dealerships in your area associated with manufacturers, like Toyota or Chevy car dealerships. Buying certified used cars from manufacturer backed car dealers will ensure you don’t end up with a piece of junk on your hands.

Unfortunately, not everyone will get the message. It happens all the time. An innocent but naive driver find a deal online that’s simply to good to be true. The car looks great, but after 100 miles or so, it falls apart. Then the friendly seller who gave you such a great deal disappears, leaving you short $5,000 with nothing but a total lemon to show for it.

Don’t make that mistake. Instead, visit used car dealerships with rigorous inspection programs.

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