DIY Spring for the Right Spring During Your Next At-Home Fix

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Whether you are bent on repairing your favorite old pen, looking to play doctor with your car or investigating how to fix up that old pogo stick, there are all kinds of reasons to keep a spring manufacturer’s phone number up your sleeve. Understanding springs and your needs can really help keep the ball rolling on a lot of endeavors. Below is a three step guide to picking a spring that will work for your needs.

1. Size Matters
Especially in regards to metal springs, a spring too small won’t connect all your dots but a spring too large, your gadget still won’t be up and running smoothly. Springs come in all sizes and materials and choosing the right spring for your project will make all the difference. As a general rule, for a compression spring, which appears to be a straight metal coil, is about as long as it is wide.

2. When it comes to materials, get the good stuff
Springs come in all kinds of materials: beryllium copper, stainless steel, and titanium. When you are shopping your pet project, you are best served if you purchase just the material that you need. Speaking of splurging for the right material, specialty screws and bolts aren’t a bad idea either. Talk to your spring manufacturer for a good recommendation.

3. Lubricate
Once you’ve got the right hardware in place, keep it lubricated. You went and spent all this money on custom bolts and types of screws and bolts and springs. Be sure to lubricate to lengthen the time between now and when it’s time to repair again.

It isn’t rocket science! Take care of your stuff and your stuff will take care of you. Buy the parts that you really need for your home projects and keep them lubricated!

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