3 Reasons To Invest In A Backup Camera This Winter

Backup cameras are slowly becoming a staple of today’s custom interiors and with good reason. In an IIHS study, 100% of drivers operating vehicles without backup cameras in their vehicles ran over a child-size stationary object placed behind the vehicle.

This is because it takes a total of 81 inches beyond the bumper of a vehicle for a driver to be able to see an object behind their car, according to AAA.

Backup cameras help you see in your vehicle’s blind spot, which is especially handy during the fall and winter months.

Why invest in a backup camera this season?

Backup cameras are a great investment regardless of the season you’re in, but they do provide additional benefits during the colder months of the year.

If you’re on the fence about investing in a backup camera, here’s how they can benefit you and your vehicle this season:

    1. Kids are out and about. By the time you’re headed out the door for work, many kids are on their way to school. Backup cameras give you the ability to make sure a child isn’t walking behind you when you pull out of your driveway. This is especially handy if your driveway has greenery on either side or if you’re on a hill.
    2. Sun glare makes it hard to see. During the colder months of the year, the sun begins to rise later and set earlier. Unfortunately, these rise-and-set times tend to correlate to your driving time, which means you get an eyeful of sun glare when you’re on the road. Backup cameras help you see behind your vehicle even when the sun is blanketing your back window.
    3. Snow isn’t your friend. Depending on where you live, snow can be a problem when it comes to seeing out your back window. In many cases, snow may be piled up beside your car whether because of your own shoveling or because the snow plow hates you in particular. Backup cameras help you see where you can’t in these gross weather conditions.

Looking for more types of interior car accessories?

Custom interiors are an important part of making your vehicle feel like your own. That’s why we provide a variety of interior car accessories including backup cameras, security car systems, tint, and car wraps.

To learn more about our interior car accessories and what we can do for your vehicle, contact us today.

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