Your Guide for Quick Alloy Wheel Repair

If you’re a driver who has a passion for your car, you know your vehicle is much more than a means of transportation. The aesthetic of your ride matters greatly to you. If your rims are letting your automobile down or you’ve scuffed your alloy wheels, you need alloy wheel repair. Luckily, this video will show you a DIY process and help you get the job done under 10 minutes.

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First, remove the tire slick using gun wash thinners or any method you have in mind. Be sure to remove all the residue you find because it is usually challenging to stick tape to a tire with any slickness. Next, scrub the rim using a 120-grit or a 180-grit disc to clear the damage. For the final sanding part, get a sanding paper wet and rub it on the rim, ensuring there are no hard edges.

Before painting the rim, key up the surface. This should make it easy for the paint to stick. Finally, mask the tire and only leave the painting area exposed. Do as many coats as you see fit, and let the paint rest. It won’t be long before the rim looks as good as new, and you will have finished the alloy wheel repair.

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