Where the Trucking Jobs (Money $$) Will Be in 2024 in Trucking!

If You are a truck driver, the goal is simple: stay moving and continue moving freight. The key, however, is understanding where those loads and load availability (a.k.a. the money) are going to be. For many who are new to the industry, many truck driving courses can help with connecting drivers with opportunities. Although the trucking industry is experiencing a downturn, as the attached video points out, there is good news for truck drivers, too.

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One benefit drivers have today is that truck drivers are in high demand. Despite the decline in trucking revenues, which likely has some influence, truckers have more options and less competition for loads. That also makes it easier for drivers to find work. The problem is finding out where the work will be.

A few suggestions made by our aforementioned video cited loads like freight coming from our ports, oversized load work, Hazmat hauling, and private fleet carriers, as areas where freight is expected to pay well and be more readily available. The bottom line is, it is the drivers who stay ahead of the curve and know where the loads are at that will keep on trucking in 2024, and who will continue to enjoy the freedom of the open road and the miles ahead.

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