What Is Trailer Sway Control and How Can it Help Me?

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Electric brake controller

If youandrsquo;re looking to invest in a trailer for your truck, you will definitely want to take a look at this. For many people, they donandrsquo;t realize that purchasing a trailer requires extensive work. In order for you to install the trailer to your truck, you are going to need to install trailer brake controls onto your truck and trailer to ensure that youandrsquo;re trailer stops. If you fail to install these, the brakes on your trailer wonandrsquo;t work, causing trailer swaying to occur.

What is Trailer Sway Control?

So basically, when you fail to install brake controllers onto your trailer, you are leaving the wheel permanently unlocked. The trailer will have no way of knowing how to stop and will eventually be the cause of the trailer unhitching. This will eventually lead up to a deadly accident that you will not be able to come back from or someone else wonandrsquo;t be able to come back from.

In order to answer your andldquo;what is trailer sway controlandrdquo; question, we want to help you better understand what brakes are needed to control the trailer.

Electric Trailer Brake Controllers

There are two types of brake controllers that you can purchase. Time-delayed brake controllers are the lowest in price, making it an affordable device for anyone looking to quickly hitch their trailer. However, if you have time to wait for a brake controller, you want to invest in brake controllers that are secure like the proportional brake controllers.

The reason time-delated brake controllers are unreliable versus the other brake controllers is because it lacks the automation offered by its competition. With proportional trailer brakes, you are able to brake automatically with your trailer. The controls are able to sense the immediate braking and the intensity of it to mimic to the trailer brakes. This means you get a smooth ride from your trailer and truck versus trail swaying. You want optimal trailer sway control and the only way you can get that is through proportional brakes.

Time-delayed brake controllers donandrsquo;t offer you the same automation. The control has to be synchronized to your preference using two different modules. Based on these settings, it will determine how your trailer brakes when you begin pressing on the brake.

Because of how difficult these are to use and setup, most people avoid them. They are hectic and can cause awful swaying. This is when people begin to ask the question of what is trailer sway control and why is it truckers donandrsquo;t have them.

No matter if you own a small trailer or a large trailer, having electric trailer controller brakes is imperative. You need to ensure the safety of not only you, but also everyone around you. Take time and precision when purchasing these brakes.

Choose the Right Vendor

Take some time to shop around. Find a reliable company you know you can trust. Take time to hire and research to give yourself options. Quote everything and try to bargain around for cheaper prices. However, never trust a vendor without a reputation with minimal information on their business or has bad reviews online.

This guide hopefully answered your question on what is trailer sway control and how can it help me. Come back for more information.

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