Two Key Considerations for Assisted Living Centers in Need of Transportation

For families with loved ones who need advanced specialized personal and medical care, the thought of sending them to a nursing home is heartbreaking. A better option for many families is to consider the assisted living facilities in their area. These facilities allow residents to still live a semi-independent life while still having access to medical care and assistance with things like food, errands, and social interactions.

If you are considering this option, a great place to start is searching online for adult assisted living near me or a similar keyword. From there you can find local centers and see what the admission criteria for assisted living facility options are. You can also find a list of the service they offer and the amenities the facility can provide. The important thing to remember is that this is a good alternative living facility option that can give you and your loved one everything you need.

Find an assisted living facility in your area, schedule a visit, talk to the staff, and discuss the matter with your loved one. Then you can make an informed decision on what option is the best.


Every day about 6,000 Americans turn 65, and at that age many of them are looking for new housing options. Seniors often find that assisted living centers are an excellent alternative to living alone, as long as appropriate transportation is provided. Mobility is important to senior populations, and not just for doctor’s visits. New experiences and keeping active can help elderly citizens to keep their minds sharp and their spirits up. If your center is in need of a vehicle to meet the needs of your residents, then there are several questions you might ask.

Here are two of the more important considerations for assisted living centers when selecting service transportation.

Should we get a bus, or a van?

Assisted living centers will need to look closely at their requirements. Some buses might require a Commercial Drivers License to operate, and are more difficult to drive, but vans hold fewer people. The Turtle Top Odyssey is a very popular mini-bus, as it can hold up to 24 passengers, but it is not quite as large as some church buses. To determine whether you need a bus or a van, first make a list that answers these questions.

  • How many people will you need to transport at one time?
  • Will handicapped individuals be using this transportation?
  • Do we have a staff member with a CDL license?
  • Do we have the space to accommodate a larger vehicle at our center?
  • Is there room in our budget for a larger vehicle, or are we constrained to a smaller vehicle?

Should we buy or lease?

Shuttle bus sales are often provided by companies that will also lease a vehicle. Ultimately, it comes down to what the budget calls for, and how long the assisted living centers expect to be using the transportation. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. Leasing church vans or buses will be more affordable if you are choosing a newer vehicle, where buying a brand new vehicle would be cost prohibitive. However, buying a bus is financially advisable if you will be doing a lot of travelling with it and are worried about a mileage penalty, especially if you can find a vehicle that is within your budget range.

Providing your residents with the opportunity to visit new places and have new experiences, or to just comfortably get around the city that they know and love will be of significant benefit to their well-being. In considering the type of transportation you will purchase, remember to ask yourself questions about what the exact needs of your organization are, and consider how your budget will influence the final decision. More info like this.

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