Three Things You Need to Know About Owner Operator Trucking Jobs

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The dark and painful memories of the Great Recession during the mid 2000s is still fresh on the minds of many Americans and their families, especially those whose lives were turned completely upside down due to widespread company layoffs.

For so many Americans and their families, this was only the beginning of a series of devastating financial blows that would follow, including losing their homes through foreclosure, having to file for bankruptcy, a lifetime of credit card debt, and more. Needless to say, the Recession shook the foundation of America to its core, especially in its job market. Industries that once seemed so stable and secure such as steel and manufacturing were among those that took the hardest hits in terms of layoffs. Ironically, many of these industries were the very ones that helped to build America itself.

As such it comes as no surprise that these days, years after the Recession, job seekers and those currently employed are playing it safe by clinging to jobs in industries that are stable in high demand. Aside from healthcare and law enforcement, which are essential personnel industries, truck driving jobs and other types of transportation sales jobs have seen a resurgence in interest due to their stability. After all, how could truck driver jobs become obsolete when there is a constant need for goods to be transported? Furthermore, big rigs are an icon of what it means to American!

Professional truck driving jobs offer employees several benefits in terms of job stability. There will always be a need to haul goods, whether it’s for agriculture, construction, military purposes, or for manufacturing. In addition, professional truck drivers can enjoy several other benefits such as a competitive salary and upward mobility. Many trucking companies also offer their employees several competitive benefits, such as medical, dental, and vision insurance as well as retirement savings.

And while all of these benefits are attractive to many job seekers in the trucking industry, some professional truck drivers with entrepreneurial spirits may prefer to work as an owner operator trucker. Owner operator trucking jobs are similar to traditional company trucking jobs in that they involve the transportation of goods, but the only difference is that the professional truck driver works as an independent contractor and owns their own rig, rather than driving it for a company. Owner operator trucking jobs aren’t necessarily better or worse than traditional trucking jobs with established company, but some professional truck drivers prefer them for the sense of freedom they offer. Many professional drivers enjoy the feeling of being their own boss when working owner operator trucking jobs.

If you’re interested in starting a career as an owner operator trucker and are beginning to search for owner operator trucking jobs, there’s a few things to keep in mind.

You have to pay for your own maintenance out of pocket

Before you run out and buy the truck of your dreams, don’t assume that the warranty means you won’t have to pay to maintain it. Vehicle maintenance is obviously a major part — and expense — of being an owner operated trucker. Be sure to budget your income accordingly to account for this.

Work may not always be there

Yes, the transportation industry is strong, stable, and thriving, but that doesn’t mean you’ll always have a steady supply of owner operator trucking jobs, especially if you’re just starting out. Always keep an eye out for other jobs and build strong professional relationships with existing ones.

Have a strong work ethic

In order to command more money per mile, you have to work your way up and pay your dues. This means doing your best on every job, on time delivery, and a positive attitude. No one will be able to earn top dollar per mile for doing shoddy, haphazard work!

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