Things to Consider to Help You Buy a Car

2013 jetta

Apart from buying a house, buying a car is usually the biggest investment a person will make in his or her life. There are hundreds of different car makes and models as well as outlets through which to purchase cars, including classic car dealers, car dealer websites, and used car dealers. Ultimately, because it is such a big investment, people generally put a lot of thought in to deciding what car to buy.

One car you might see at a classic car dealer is a Volkswagen Beetle. Interestingly, “Volkswagen” is German for “people’s automobile” and ranks first in spending the most money of all automakers on research and development. With over 21 million units manufactured in an air-cooled, rear-engined, rear-wheel drive configuration, the Beetle is the longest-running and most-manufactured car of a single design platform in the world.

Amazingly, the original, air-cooled VW Beetle actually lasted an incredible 58 years in production, and during the whole time the production was virtually unchanged. By and large, the Volkswagen Beetle is an outstanding automobile, and Volkswagen makes dependable, long-lasting quality cars. At the end of the day, everyone has different preferences when it comes to what car to buy, but if you are looking for ideas, you might want to test drive a Volkswagen. You might find yourself falling in love with it like so many other people have.
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