The Truth About Charter Bus Companies

Charter buses

Do you know when bus charter services first came into use? Some historians believe that people have been traveling by horse drawn bus charters since around 1820, while othes contend that it was possible to charter a bus at least a century before that.

Actually, Blaise Pascal founded the first know busing service — then known as “carriages”– during the year 1662 in Paris. Unfortunately, Pascal’s carriage service didn’t last, as he priced himself right out of service by increasing ticket prices to the point tht only the most affluent classes could afford them.

Horse drawn bus services really began to boom in England during the 1820s, when John Greenwood founded the first bus charter in Manchester. As competition between Greenwood and new bus companies became fierce over the next few decades, Greenwood’s company merged with several competitors to form the Manchester Carriage Service in 1865.

Although many people today do not realize it, the terms “coach” and “bus” are derived from these early busing services, as stagecoaches and ominbuses were the types of vehicles used for transporting passengers. Thus, shorten up both terms and you suddenly have the words we used today when we are discussing charter bus tours.

When groups and organizations are in the midst of planning charter bus tours, it is important that they do the research necessary to ensure that they choose the right company and type of bus. This is because most charter bus companies offer different busing options that cater to clientele with differing agendas.

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