The Top Three Big Things You Didn’t Know About the Car Repair Industry

Transmissions repair

You may be considering buying a car, or you may own one right now. How much have you bothered to learn about their repair though? Here are three things you ought to know about car repair, particularly about transmissions:

1. More Vehicles are In Need of Repair than You Might Think

When you take to the road, you see dozens if not hundreds of cars bustling along beside you in what looks like a perfectly healthy, functional manner. That healthy facade is deceiving, however; researchers found that about seventy seven percent of cars are in need of maintenance of repairs of some kind. So many vehicles are in need of visiting a mechanic, but many for different reasons, some minor and some major. Possibly one of the most expensive auto repairs is the transmission. There is something that may surprise you about the transmission though…

2. Most Cars are Actually Automatic

For decades, the standard transmission was, well, the standard. It was very rare to see anything with any sort of automatic transmission. Today, however, manual transmissions are being outnumbered by new transmissions. Auto transmissions have grown to outnumber standards by about ten to one in the United States. This is inconvenient in one way, though, because…

3. … and Those Automatic Transmissions Will Cost You

The transmission is the most expensive part of the car, but automatic transmissions are greatly more expensive than manual ones. Even used automatic transmissions may very well run more than new manual ones. Those used automatic transmissions are just so much more complicated that their parts and labor are just astronomically greater than standards. Which transmission do you prefer? For more information see this.

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