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According to the most recent data provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are over nine million registered motorcycles in the United States. When you considered the enjoyment millions of Americans derive from riding motorcycles, it isn’t surprising that the number of motorcycles on U.S. roads continues to increase by the years. But it also means that all motorists, regardless of the vehicles they’re operating, need to be more aware of motorcycle safety than even.

While riding at safe speeds and making safe decisions are two crucial riding safety tips, wearing a helmet is the most fundamental of all. This is because the NHTSA estimates that simply wearing a helmet decreases one’s risk of serious injury or death by nearly 40%. Despite the fact that only 20 states in the U.S. have universal helmet laws in place, motorcycle helmet usage in the United States increased from only 48% in 2005 to 67% in 2009.

Although motorcycle safety is the most important thing about riding a bike, motorcycle customization might be the most enjoyable for many riders. Although many riders are satisfied with any Honda or Kawasaki motorcycle parts and accessories available, some people want more. Long-time motorcycle aficionados get so into customizing motorcycles that riding becomes more than a hobby, but a borderline obsession that involves everything from custom chrome motorcycle parts to the coolest custom paint for motorcycles imaginable.

There isn’t anything innately wrong with obsessional motorcycle customization if you have the money to afford it. But if you find yourself on a tight budget, you need to know the best places to find cheap motorcycle parts that are still of a good quality. Of course, the lowest prices are always found via the leading motorcycle parts online stores.

Whether you’ve been into motorcycle customization for years, or you’re just looking for a cool set of chrome handlebars, the only place you need to look is online. It saves you tones of time of shopping around, and the selection will always be better than any brick and mortar store.

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