The Best Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Up and down, open and close, and how many times a day does your reliable garage door let you in and out every time you click the remote? Or at least we hope it opens and closes, because if you are like many people, our garage doors working properly are just something we take for granted. The good news, as the attached video points out, however, is that with some basic care and maintenance, we can continue to take those reliable garage doors for granted.

Unfortunately, too many people don’t read the manual – for anything. While we can often get away with that, this may not be the best plan when it comes to our garage doors, or more specifically, when it comes to caring for our garage doors. That is because most garage door owner manuals have guidelines, instructions, and tips for everything from adjusting our doors to routine garage door maintenance.

With routine care, like monthly operational inspections, our garage doors should last a long long time. Inspecting the door balance, sensors, and pressure controls are just a few areas that can easily be tested and checked.

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A little time and effort for fewer headaches and problems later is good for us and for our garage doors.


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