The Average American Car Is 10 Years Old Are You Taking Good Care Of Your Vehicle?

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Do you want to learn how to take care of your car? You’ll want to read this.

Taking care of your vehicle is best done on a rolling basis (no pun intended). A little polish here, a gas change there…it all adds up to a car that’s easy to drive and keeps you safe no matter how bad the weather gets. Sadly, car maintenance is a rather big problem in the United States. Millions of cars head out on freeways every single day with worn down tires and faulty engines, meaning millions of cars are at risk for an untimely crash that could get people seriously hurt. Replacement wiper blades, automotive coolant and tire rotation are all obligations you need to get in touch with.

Give yourself a few minutes to refresh your car knowledge and get ever closer to becoming a DIY guru. Safety is a big deal and it relies on your proactive attitude!

You make sure not to drink before you drive, even if it’s just ‘two beers’. You always buckle up whenever you step behind the wheel and take care to keep your phone as far away as possible to avoid temptation. Alas, if only everyone were as cautious. The bare minimum is tempting for it’s affordability and many people skip out on useful equipment or check-ups that could stave off harm. For example, every year nearly 300 people are killed (with another 18,000 injured) by drivers who back up into them. A backup camera is just one of many additions that can save lives and keep you as safe as possible. It’s estimated installing a camera can reduce the probability of a collision by 50%.

Did you know the average car is 10 years old? Although a car can last a good while with regular maintenance, the fact of the matter is that American roads are struggling under the weight of old cars just barely holding together. This is due to a prevalent issue with expensive car check-ups, leading many to put off a visit to the auto repair shop until the last possible second. When you pick up a few DIY skills you can save yourself some money while getting your car up to speed. You can change your own oil or install replacement wiper blades. The sky’s the limit!

Car fluids, from your oil to the antifreeze used on your windshield, are akin to the life stream running through your veins. Without proper circulation your car can jam and underperform, leading to a mess of problems when winter starts showing its true colors! Engine oil should be checked every three months or so. A widely accepted tip for changing your oil is checking the temperature of your engine. If it feels cold, let it run for five minutes to warm it up. If it’s already hot? Wait 30 minutes to reduce your risk of getting burned. Safety isn’t just for others…it’s also for you!

Diesel engines are popular for their energy efficiency. They can go anywhere from 400 to 800 miles on a single tank of gas! However, the life of diesel fuel can drop to just six months when kept at an ambient temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit or more. Diesel fuel additives can do wonders for extending the lifespan of both your fuel and engine, though perhaps the most important piece of equipment are fuel injectors. The last thing you want on a slippery road is an underperforming engine, so make sure it’s clean at all times.

What about getting rid of that pesky rain and hail? A survey provided by the Car Care Council saw nearly 20% of cars needing new windshield wipers. Replacement wiper blades shouldn’t just give you the basics. They should be even better than what you had before. Considering how old many cars are, it’s more than likely there’s a better model out there just waiting for your purchase. Replacement wiper blades shouldn’t ‘catch’ on the glass and should push past even the heaviest snow. Try swapping out your wipers every six to eight months.

You won’t become an expert overnight. Just like any journey, improvement comes with small steps!

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