Taking A Look At The Incredible Importance of Metalworking Fluids

The world of manufacturing is a hugely important one, of this there is just no doubt. After all, the daily lives of people throughout the country and even throughout the world as a whole greatly rely on products made by and in the United States. And without manufacturing facilities running smoothly, such products would simply not be a reality, would not be possible in the first place. The contribution of the world of manufacturing to the overall economy of the United States is also something that cannot be discounted or underestimated. For a great many people, employment is directly tied to this industry as well. Therefore, it is clear to see the stark importance of the world of manufacturing.

This, therefore, highlights the importance of keeping every aspect of a factory or other such manufacturing plant running smoothly. When this is not kept up, a whole variety of issues are likely to begin. Time can be lost, items can be broken, and expensive repairs can become necessary – and all of these things are far from the ideal, of this there is just no doubt. One aspect of any manufacturing plant that must be maintained fastidiously is that of the metalworking fluids that are utilized. Metalworking fluids play into the overall function of a manufacturing facility more than you might realize and their improper usage can actually have a largely detrimental impact on the overall ability of the plant in question to function in really any way.

In fact, the data backs up this claim, showing that up to 70% of all unplanned equipment shut downs found within manufacturing companies can actually be tied back to both incorrect lubricant selection as well as incorrect lubricant management. Fortunately, these are issues that are more than possible to correct. For instance, providing more training on lubricant management is something that can go a long way, though only just over 40% of all manufacturing companies currently provide all of the correct procedures for this to occur. Fortunately, more than 60% also recognize that they don’t conduct the staff training that is needed as often as they should be. And if they are aware of this failing, they can begin to take the necessary steps to rectify it, creating a better and more efficient manufacturing space.

In addition to this, choosing the right lubricant is also a must. After all, there are a great many types of lubricants out there, from castrol lubricants to mil spec oils and lubricants to heavy duty lubricant varieties of all kinds. And using castrol lubricants where other lubricants should have been used can all too easily lead to disaster. This is not just the case with castrol lubricants and castrol lubricants alone, of course. In addition to castrol lubricants, any lubricant that is improperly used can all too quickly lead to disaster.

In fact, different metalworking fluids, from castrol lubricants, to perfluorinated solvents, to specialty lubricants and synthetic lubricants, serve a variety of different purposes. Most commonly, you’ll find lubricants used for the purposes of cooling and lubrication, as well as for chip removal and corrosion control. Using lubricants of the right nature for each of these purposes will be key, as well as knowing the proper processes for each purpose as well, as they all vary quite considerably, as you can clearly see.

Even the difference between natural lubricants and synthetic lubricants is something that can be pronounced. And, as you might have already known, semi synthetic lubricants have also become quite popular. Semi synthetic lubricants have a number of uses, and are characterized by containing no more than 30% oil content in concentrate. Pure synthetics actually use no actual oil at all. Therefore, it is clear to see why these two types of products might have some different uses. Finding the right one for each is something that will most certainly be paramount. And using a type of oil incorrectly can also lead to a variety of issues as well, of this there is no doubt.

At the end of the day, there is a great deal that must be considered when it comes to using lubricants, as many professionals in manufacturing plants are well aware.

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