Snow Box Pushers, Plows And More Quality Snow Equipment

Snow plow rubber edge

When the winter season rolls around, the most important facet of clearing stubborn snow and ice is your equipment. A flimsy shovel or out-of-date heavy duty snow plows will not only struggle to break through the thinnest ice, it will also make you spend a lot more time and energy than you need to. Some of the most vulnerable populations to snow-related injuries are workers and elderly customers and thus rely on quality snow pushers to create a safer environment.

Winter storms can become particularly devastating in certain parts of the U.S. Some states, such as Utah and Colorado, saw record highs of eight feet of snow or higher in the cold seasons and an estimated $2 billion in damages were lost in 2014 alone. A sizable portion of that money come from medical insurance losses, since the most common injuries during the winter months are slips and falls on ice.

If you’re going to successfully tackle snow and ice, you need the correct equipment for each unique situation. A snow pusher box is essential for moving large amounts of snow and redistributing it out of the way of cars and trucks, while an angled snow pusher can get into those difficult nooks and crannies. The V plow is the standard for splitting and pushing snow off of sidewalks, and for equipment that removes hard pack snow, you need to seek out products with sharp edges that can cut through even the most stubborn build-up. Last, but not least, bucket clamps are fast becoming the standard for equipment that eliminates frustrating chains and shackles in favor of quicker connection times.

Good equipment is even better when you have the clothes to match. Wear shoes should be of a waterproof material that will keep you warm and help you sift through the deepest of snow. Replace your shoes if the material becomes worn or thinned out to prevent common injuries like frostbite or cuts. Take your equipment to your local dealership and get it checked at least a few months prior to avoid these common pitfalls — heavy duty snow plows and specialty shovels are only as good as their maintenance.

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