Six Little Known Facts About Good Year Tires

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People rarely think about their tires until they’ve either gone flat, or as bald as that one uncle. Tires are one of the most critical components to a car’s safety, but most car owners are fairly oblivious to proper tire maintenance. However, you can find good tire maintenance articles, and tips and tricks, anywhere. Fascinating facts are much more rare, and much more likely to get you to pay a little bit more attention to those all-important treads. Here are six facts about Good Year tires, and the company behind them.

  1. Brand Loyalty Can Get Confusing
  2. Did you know that Good Year tires owns Dunlop tires, as well as several other brands? The next time that someone tells you that one is superior to the other, you can point out that the same company is behind both. That doesn’t mean that one particular make of tire might not be better for your needs, but this tire debate shouldn’t reach Pepsi vs. Coke levels of bitterness.

  3. Does All Terrain Mean What You Think It Means?
  4. All terrain tires are good on the highway, and off, but not as heavy duty as true off road tires. If you want to be able to enjoy a reasonable ride on light trails and on asphalt, talk to a tire sales shop about any of the 13 different varieties of Good Year (or Dunlop) tires for all terrain use.

  5. The Good Year Blimp Is Almost 90 Years Old
  6. The Good Year company itself has been around since about 1898, but the Good Year Blimp, a fixture for many sports games, first took off in 1925!

  7. Why Spinning Tires Can Lead to Explosions
  8. Getting stuck in snow, sand, mud, or on ice can be irritating and dangerous at the same time. However, just how dangerous it can be depends on how fast you rev that engine in an attempt to get moving again. Exceeding speeds of 35 mph can cause the centrifugal force of the tire to build up, and suddenly explode. This is particularly dangerous if someone is standing by your car trying to help you get it out of its rut. Don’t spin your tires. Put something underneath them for traction, or use a gentle back-and-forth rocking motion to get your car free.

  9. They Make a Tire for People Prone to Flats
  10. Did you know that Good Year tires and Dunlop tires have a “run on flat” tire? These tires have a special technology that creates a slower deflation, allowing you, the driver, to drive for longer at a reduced speed to the automotive maintenance shop where you can get expert help.

  11. Snow-based Sports Have Official Tires
  12. It’s true. Good Year tires are the official tire of the United States Ski, Snowboarding, and Free Skiing teams.

Hopefully, the next time you look at your tires, you’ll certainly pay closer attention to how worn the treads are getting, but you’ll also have a good appreciation for the fascinating history of tire companies and brands. They may not always be in the spotlight, but they’re busy making innovations and contributions all the same. Ger more information on this topic here.

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