RV Covers For Snow

Does your RV sit in area that receives a lot of snow, ice, heavy winter rains, and wind? A RV cover may keep your RV in better condition through the long months of inactivity. This video will show some RV covers made to protect against the snow.

Rainwater can enter the exhaust, or even inside the RV. To preserve the shelf life and have superior performance, your RV will need protection.

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However, you can’t cover your RV with just anything. Traditional blue tarps are not breathable and can hold onto or trap moisture while your vehicle is stored. This moisture can leak into the RV or freeze and expand and can cause damage to your vehicle. A strong thick cover option is the Kingbird Extra Thick 4-Ply Top Fabric, that is both water repellant and breathable. You will want to look for a cover with all season protection and is adjustable to the size of your RV. Adjustable options allow for a more perfect fit.

Make sure your RV is clean and dry before covering. If moisture is trapped beneath the cover, it may cause rust, paint damage, or other defects to the RV body.

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