Purchasing Your Used Car Through a Dealership or a Private Seller

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A reliable and safe vehicle is a necessity for many people. The vehicle is what gets you to and from work. It allows you to take your children to school and other after school activities. You use it to purchase grocery items and to run other errands. Without a reliable vehicle, you would be forced to find some type of transportation for all of these events. It can be confusing and intimidating when it comes time to purchase a new car, even if you are planning on purchasing a new used vehicle. You can purchase a used vehicle from a dealership, a used car dealer or from a private seller. Each one has their own advantages and disadvantages. Which selling option is best for you?

Purchasing a used car from a private seller is possible. You can search online or in classified ads for used car sales. These are often people who have gotten a new car and now attempting to sell their used car or people who have auto loans on a used car they purchased, and they can no longer afford it. Although you can sometimes get great deals from private sellers, there is more risk involved in a private seller deal. You do not have the option to get any type of warranty. There are also no certified used cars or used trucks available, as the private seller is unable to certify anything. Additionally, it may be harder to get a used car auto loan from a private seller. Most auto loans are used to providing used car loans to auto dealers. However, it is harder to value a used car from a private seller, also making it harder to obtain a used car loan.

Most people purchase their used cars from a dealership. Many car dealerships have a large inventory of pre owned cars. These cars may be trade ins or repossessed cars from previous auto owners that could no longer afford their auto payments. Some used vehicles from auto dealerships may provide warranties, which protect you for so many miles. The auto warranty may also provide you with complimentary dealer services, such as car washes, oil changes and tire rotations. A tire rotation should generally be done every 7,500 miles, or as often as the car manufacturer recommends.

Used cars are more common than new cars. In fact, 3 out of 4 automotive transactions in the U.S. involve previously owned vehicles. Most people realize they can get better deals on used vehicles. Everyone has heard that a new car loses a large amount of its value the minute you drive it off the auto dealer services lot. Used vehicles tend to hold their value better. Considering that people who choose to purchase used cars are looking to spend less, they do not want to lose that much value just from purchasing a vehicle. The most frequently searched price range for a used vehicle is under $5,000. Although many dealer services may not have many used vehicles under this price range, they often have a large inventory or used vehicles around this price range that an auto loan can be obtained for.
When purchasing a used vehicle, it is important to thoroughly check out the vehicle. You should check under the hood and carefully look at the interior and exterior of the car. Depending on the price, you may notice some wear and tear, but it should not be anything major. You do not want to purchase a vehicle that will break down within weeks of purchasing it. Most states do not allow returns on used vehicles, unless there is a warranty on the car.

Most people choose to purchase used cars because of the deals they get. Used cars also often hold their value better. You can purchase a used car from a private seller or through a used car dealership. Used car dealerships may take a higher profit, but they often offer warranties and dealer services, both things that you cannot get through a private seller. It is important to thoroughly check everything about a used car before purchasing it, if there is no warranty, you cannot get your money back.

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