Learn Why Balancing Your Tires Is Important

Rim refinishing

Vehicles, such as cars, are increasingly complicated and require often advanced maintenance to keep them running smoothly. However, just as the most advanced systems in your car require regular maintenance, so too do the most basic systems. On a car, there is perhaps no more basic or vital component than the tires.

Rim mounting and balancing is a simple, but important process. Tires which are not properly mounted and balanced can negatively affect the quality of the ride, shorten the life of the tires, cause damage to the bearings, shocks, and other parts of the suspension. The most common symptom of an unbalanced tire is a speed dependent vibration, that is particularly noticeable between 40 and 45 mph.

Balancing refers to the uniform distribution of mass along an axis of rotation. Put simply, a properly balanced tire is one that has an equal distribution of weight through out. Balanced tires are in essence round, whereas unbalanced tires are oblong. As an unbalanced tire rotates during driving, the oblong shape causes the tire to “hop” off of the pavement slightly. This “hopping” is the cause of the noticeable vibration.

Rim mounting and balancing is relatively easy, but should only be performed by a professional. You can find a professional at any autobody repair shop. To find the best autobody repair Chesapeake VA has to offer, search online or look in the yellow pages. Autobody shops can also do rim repair and rim straightening should your rims get damaged due to ill balanced tires.

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