Jeeps Have Been Protecting American Drivers Since World War 2

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Jeeps have come a long way to end up end up at today’s car dealerships. Did you know that before they were popular civilian vehicles, they were created for use by the allied troops during World War II? Jeeps were first produced in the 1940’s as a wartime vehicle, but they worked so well for the Allies that it was decided to let civilians have a turn behind the wheel.

Jeeps have come a long way from serving on the front alongside the greatest generation, to safely transporting kids to school today. Take a look at the journey that Jeep vehicles have taken over the years, from wartime to snacktime.

  • Jeeps in Wartime – The first Jeeps were produced in 1941, with the U.S. Army ordering 16,000 of them, and paying just $738.74 per vehicle. The Jeep survived two beach landings, and there was an average of 145 Jeeps per infantry regiment.
  • Jeeps at Home – In 1944, the first civilian Jeep, the CJ, was released in the United states. In 1987, the CJ evolved into the Jeep Wrangler we know today. Nowadays, there are six models offered by Jeep, with 701,626 Jeeps sold in 2012 alone.

The next time you’re checking out your local car dealerships looking for a new car, stop by a Jeep dealership, and take a turn in a vehicle that may have helped your own grandfather out during wartime. You know that if it kept the troops safe, it will do the same for you and your family. Other car dealers can’t offer what Jeep can, so make sure you make the choice that safe drivers have been making for the last 50 years. Research more here:

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