Increase Your Energy Efficiency with Diesel Fuel Injection Systems

How to tell if an injector is bad on a cummins

Did you know that the first diesel engine design was patented by Rudolf Diesel? That was roughly 125 years ago, and diesel engines are still going strong. Furthermore, diesel cars are gaining in popularity and sales are increasing as a result.

In 2012, just 3.2% of the cars sold in the United States had diesel engines. In 2014, however, there were 489,612 clean diesel cars purchased. About half of these car sales were for Volkswagens, or VWs. It’s interesting to note that the number of cars sold with diesel engines is expected to double by 2018.

There are a number of reasons for the popularity of cars with diesel fuel injection systems. In addition to diesel fuel providing 25% to 30% more energy than gasoline, diesel engines are 20% to 40% more efficient, thus economical. Diesel fuel also burns more completely when injection pressures reach 30,000 pounds per square inch.

Diesel fuel also has a long life expectancy. When it is maintained at an ambient temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit, diesel fuel can last for a 12 months. Its life expectancy does drop down between 6 months to a year, however, when the ambient temperature is above 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

When it comes to maintaining your diesel engine, it’s important to know that the more modern type of common-rail direct fuel injectors fire two or three time per engine cycle. As a result, these injectors tend to experience twice the wear and tear.

Diesel injectors can also fail when they experience excessive buildup. In addition to external injector deposits, internal injector deposits can also build up, thus affecting the diesel fuel injection system. Given this, it’s important to take care of those deposits before they create an issue.

If you just purchased a car that needs a new diesel fuel injection system, which one you choose to purchase will usually depend on its make, model, and other factors. It makes sense to speak to an expert before purchasing a new injector system. A diesel fuel injector specialist will be able to ensure that you have the best diesel fuel injector system for your car.

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