If You Don’t Trust Your Auto Dealership Like Family How Can You Trust Them With Yours?

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Summertime in Iowa means shorts, t-shirts, and some good old fashion family fun in the sun. Odds are if you have children you’re already in the middle of an action packed summer; whether those kids are home from college for the summer or fresh out of third grade, you’re probably looking for ways to beat the heat together these next few months. And of course, there are just too many ways to do that.

But how are you going to haul your family around this summer? How are you going to get from barbecue to fair to dinner at your favorite restaurant? If you’re lucky, you probably have a car you’ve come to depend on to get you and your loved ones from point A to point B to point C. And if you’re even luckier, you bought your car from an auto dealership you know and trust,

While many would think a new car would be the way to best keep your family safe and sound, more and more people are putting their hands in the safety of used cars. It’s estimated that about forty million used cars exchange hands per year, taking into account both auto dealership sales and private-party auto sales. Indeed, by the year 2021, an IHS Markit research estimate places over twenty million cars on the road that will be over twenty five years old.

Used cars are simply becoming the way to go when buying a new vehicle.

But for many, the car they walk away with will depend on the car dealership that they go to. You’re much more likely to buy used cars or trucks, depending on whether your needs are more family or business based, from someone if you feel like you know them. If you’re likely to run into them at your local grocery store or a Friday night football game, you’re also much more likely to trust them to sell you something as important as a new car. If you can’t trust the person selling it to you, you can hardly trust the vehicle itself to take care of precious cargo such as your family.

So if your family is one of the estimated sixty nine percent who are planning a road trip in the next year, don’t choose now to choose an auto dealership you don’t know anything about simply because it has slightly lower prices. Family is important, make sure you trust yours to someone you trust just like them.

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