How to Start an Auto Repair Shop

Starting an auto repair business has a lot of similarities to starting any kind of business with a few key differences. When you’re opening an auto repair shop, the work starts before you’ve even signed a lease or bought a location, according to the video “HOW TO START AN AUTO REPAIR SHOP” by Lucky Lopez on YouTube. The main question that many people have about kickstarting an auto repair business is how much it will cost but it’s difficult to fully determine your budget for an auto repair shop before you’ve nailed down a few important details about what your business will look like.

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Before you become a reputable car repair shop, you can get away with starting a small shop at a smaller location. Since you’re not sure about the rate of growth for your business at this point, buying a large shop would be counting your chickens before they hatch. Beginning to create an auto repair business will go much more smoothly if you keep your overhead as low as possible before your shop becomes the huge success you hope it will be. You should also become familiar with local and federal regulations for auto body spaces, as well as requirements for taxes and other aspects of running a business. Buying proper insurance policies matters, too.

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