How to go around and enjoy New Zealand

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One of the major landmasses settled by man was New Zealand, making it one of the most beautiful places in the world. One of the reasons why New Zealand is home to unique species of animals, plants and fungi is its 80 million years geographic isolation. Another contributory factor it its island biogeography. The country offers unique natural beauty and surroundings, places to explore, culture to experience and activities to enjoy. As such, if you really want to enjoy the country, as a tourist or as a citizen, you might want to consider hiring a car to drive around the many beautiful places that New Zealand has to offer.

For example, you might want an economy car hire New Zealand or hybrid car hire New Zealand if you really want an affordable trip and yet be able to visit the countryside. You will not be disappointed because when it comes to dairy export, New Zealand belongs to the top five in the world and has some of the best farms in the world. Aside from an economy car hire New Zealand or budget car hire new zealand, you can camp like the Fellowship of the Rings and instead use New Zealand camper van hire, such as a 3 berth campervan hire. The Lord of the Rings was shot entirely in New Zealand. Or you can simply use mid sized car hire New Zealand and set up a real camp. With economy car hire New Zealand, you can also enjoy other activities the country has to offer, such as bungee jumping. The first commercial bungee jumping was in 1986 and held at the Auckland Greenhithe Bridge.

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