How to Find Easy Financing for a New Car Purchase

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When Maureen decided it was time to replace her vehicle, she knew she wanted to get something that was safe, reliable, and came with as little hassle as possible. She kept seeing advertisements for a dealer near her that always ended by saying “we finance!” The idea of not having to go to a bank or fall in love with a car only to have to wait for an outside lender to approve her seems very attractive. Picking out a car and securing her loan all in one stop? Maureen was sold.
When she walked into the “we finance” dealer, the salesperson helped Maureen understand a bit more about their buy here pay here model. While most car dealerships had to deal with outside lenders to secure their customers the necessary financing to buy their vehicle, this company had set up the mechanism to do everything in one place. Even though there are over 17,000 car dealerships in the United States, finding one with this model and great cars was truly a gem. The salesperson also explained their approach to used car sales. Maureen wasn’t set on buying a used car, so she was reassured by what she learned. First, a car that is just 1-2 years old can be up to 30% less expensive than a new car because during their first two years on the road, cars can depreciate between 20-30%.
Once Maureen felt confident that this dealer could meet her needs for finding something safe and reliable, plus they would not try to sell her a car she could not finance, she decided to do some more thinking about what she really wanted out of a car. She knew that she and her partner were planning to have kids soon, so she should probably think about a car that would be easy to get a child in and out of throughout the day. She loved to go camping and through the years had acquired a lot of gear. It would probably be a good idea to look for an SUV to carry all of that and safely traverse to the various campgrounds she visited.
After Maureen found the perfect vehicle for her, a two year old SUV in a bright cherry red, she was relieved that find out that the dealer really did deliver on their “we finance” promise. In no time, she had her financing set up and a payment she knew she could afford. Compared to the last time she bought a vehicle, she was amazed at how quickly the entire process went. As the dealer did one last inspection and Maureen signed all of the paperwork, her excitement almost bubbled over. After all was said and done, she left behind her old car as a trade-in and drove off in her perfect, affordable, safe, and oh-so-easy new car. Talk about a great day!

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