Google Self-Driving Cars at the Forefront of Future Car Technology

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Could the way we drive be changing before our eyes? In an interesting piece up in The Atlantic this week, Google self-driving cars are under examination. There are currently several of these cars on the road, and they’ve logged a total of about 10,000 miles. Yet not a single one has gotten a ticket. If these cars ever do receive a ticket for driving, Google itself is arguing that they should receive the ticket, not the driver, since it’s ultimately Google’s technology that will be at fault.

It’s an interesting intersection of man and machine. Who is ultimately responsible for what the vehicle does? What implications are bound with Google accepting tickets — will they also be liable in accidents? So far, California’s DMV has had four public hearings to discuss this issue.

While new car sales right now do not feature this type of technology, it may only be a matter of time before we trade in our old cars and go new car shopping for the car that can do everything for us. If Google’s technology is truly successful, it could additionally open up the roads to more people. Insurance costs would likely go down for everyone — self-driving cars are safer and those drivers would obviously have lower rates, but so would everyone else if accidents happen less frequently, and insurance companies are not required to pay out thousands of dollars quite so often. People would need expensive auto repairs thanks to fender benders and other problems less often, as well.

This type of technology might not be available at the moment, but there are other interesting add-ons up for grabs, at least when it comes to new car sales. Many cars are offering USB ports so that you can plug in your iPod or phone and start playing your favorite music while charging your device. Others can come with a video view of the back of your car so that you never need to worry about accidentally backing into something or someone again. Many cars now help you with car maintenance, telling you when it’s time to get the oil changed or when it’s time for servicing your car.

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