Getting the Right Mats and Carpets for Cars

A car needs maintenance and tuning to stay running, and the interior is a place where a car’s aesthetic can be tended to. A car, even for a casual owner as opposed to a hot rod enthusiast, should be comfortable and pleasant to drive in or be a passenger for, and a dirty or smelly car interior can quickly ruin someone’s mood and leave a bad impression on others. Car flooring and car carpet can accumulate a lot of dirt, stains, and bacteria over time, and this means that car flooring can end up smelling bad or even being a hygiene hazard, so auto flooring and floor mats should be washed or replaced as needed so that a car’s interior can look and smell fresh. After all, American adults often spend a lot of time in their cars, so they will want a pleasant environment while on the road, such as during a commute or car trip. In fact, a car owner can go beyond regular car flooring if they wish and indulge in trunk mats, custom carpets, and customized car floor mats to make a car more personal and stand out from the others if so desired.

Time Spent in the Car

Worrying about car flooring and the trunk mat may seem trivial at first, but if a car’s floors and mats are dirty or smelly, this can quickly become conspicuous for the driver and passengers alike, and this can make for uncomfortable time spent in the car. Just how much time to Americans spend in their cars and trucks? A commute’s median time takes 20 minutes, and commuters expect an average of about 26 minutes. Americans also say that they expect to spend an average of 87 minutes in their cars per day, and the median time spent in cars is closer to 60 minutes. This is plenty of time to either be comfortable in a cozy and well-tended car, or time spent in a smelly and dirty one instead.

What is more, car flooring may even be affected by air quality, since particles can soak into the car flooring and the mats, and drivers will definitely not like bad air. In fact, some studies suggest that a car’s interior air is two to 10 times dirtier than a breeze over a freeway, and nearly 90% of the respondents to a The Dohring Co. survey said that they are concerned about their car’s interior air quality. Their concern may extend to the flooring under their feet; it has been determined that cars have 17,000 times more bacteria than a house, according to a study done by GAP Enviromicrobial Services. Dirtiness is definitely common to car floor mats, especially given how nearly 70% of people often eat or or drink in their cars. Spilled food or drink is a massive food source for bacteria that will rapidly grow and multiply in numbers on the car mats, which can become a serious hygiene hazard. Even the trunk, where people often put their groceries, may be home to over 850 different bacteria species. What can be done to fix car flooring issues?

Clean and Replace

A dirty car doesn’t have to stay that way for long. Gas stations and car washes may offer vacuums and other services to clear up crumbs in the car, and this rids bacteria of their food source. Specialized cleaners can also wash away dirt and grime, and food and drink spills, clearing away ugly stains and minimizing the bacteria populations. Floor mats and carpets in a car may also get dirty from dust, dirt, or mud from the shoes or boots of people who get into the car, and this, too, will soak into the mats and carpet and make it dirty and smelly until cleaned away. And if a car’s floor or trunk mats are worn out or too dirty to clean up, they can be replaced entirely at a car dealership, and fresh new ones can be put down instead. This can easily make a car smell and look fresh and newer, and boosts hygiene too. A person might also start a new rule of not allowing food or drink in their car so that messes cannot happen in there.

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