Forget That Anti-Aging Cream What About Some Tinted Windows?

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For people who commute long hours to work or who basically live in their cars for their jobs, making their vehicle as comfortable and functional as possible is of the essence. In some cases, your vehicle may be the thing that makes your employment possible. So things like headlight restoration, getting your windows tinted, or having paint protection film put on your car may be worth it in the long run. None of these processes take an extended period of time, so your vehicle should be ready to go by the time you need it again for work. These procedures can be of great benefit to you for a low cost and without much time involvement.
What’s The Benefit of Tinted Windows?
If you spend long hours in your car and live in a particularly sunny place, you may be at a higher risk for skin cancer or other sun related illnesses. You’re a sitting duck for harmful UV rays as you sit in a traffic jam in full sunlight or all those times you end up waiting for the light to turn green. It’s been shown that consistent exposure to UV rays through a window can make your skin age faster — by about five to seven years! So much for all that anti-aging face cream you’ve been buying; sitting in your car might be contributing to all those wrinkles. However, investing in window tinting can help lessen these effects. Certain films and tints used on windows can actually block almost 100% of UV rays. Even though windshields automatically guard against some UV rays, it’s the side windows you want to make sure have a window tint on them — these let in almost 65% of the rays.
Moreover, a car window tinting service can help reduce accidents. Glare from the sun is responsible for almost 3,000 accidents every year. Having your windows tinted can reduce glare and prevent these kinds of accidents from occurring.
How Can Headlight Restoration Save Me Money?
Your headlights take some serious hits during their lifespan. A build up of dust and grit, exposure to UV rays, plus the wear and tear of gravel and other road debris hitting them can lessen their effectiveness and contribute to discoloration or dullness. Replacing a headlight completely can cost over $2,500 in some cases and is also a waste — the headlight ends up in the landfill, when it could have been saved and refurbished for a significantly smaller sum of money.
Restoring a headlight can be as inexpensive as $60-125 per headlight. Not bad at all, when you’re looking at $2,500! There has been an influx of headlight restoration services recently and are often a better option than using the do it yourself kits; some of the kits aren’t as thorough or don’t provide as high quality products to use on your headlights as compared to the professional services. Additionally, a professional headlight restoration service may add a UV sealant or extra protection against roadside grit.
You want to protect your health and safety and make sure your vehicle is at maximum effectiveness and security. Adding these small touches, like headlight restoration or window tinting can make this possible.

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