Five Tips for Mercedes Maintenance

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The people who choose to buy a Mercedes Benz usually do so as a result of a deep love of the iconic car. Purchasing a Benz can be the result of planning for months, years, and sometimes even decades and the care for their prized vehicle becomes an instant priority. This level of dedication quickly becomes expensive, especially when restoring a vintage or used Mercedes. To help keep regular maintenance and restoration efficient and, most importantly, as low cost as possible without sacrificing standards for your Mercedes, here are five tips.

  1. If you choose, as many owners do, to use synthetic oil instead of traditional, it should be changed every 7,500 miles, as opposed to the 5,000 mile recommendation of traditional oil.
  2. Immediately after purchase, check the owner’s manual for the recommended Mercedes service schedule and do not deviate from the outlined plan.
  3. For fluids, you should always check oil, coolant and washer fluids every week, while transmission, brake and power steering only need to be checked on a monthly basis. Do not use any fluids but what the owner’s manual recommends, or risk the performance and life of your engine.
  4. Consider purchasing parts online. If you are tempted to only go through a dealership, keep in mind that a piece of trim that cost five dollars to manufacture could have a $5,000 at the dealership. Online merchants can provide original Mercedes parts, but generally without the dealership markup.
  5. If you do decide to purchase your original Mercedes parts online, the dealership still performs a valuable service in making sure you only buy the correct items for your car. Before completing any purchase, confirm you are buying the correct Mercedes Benz parts by checking the part number with the dealership. Alternately, check your owner’s manual. Often, part’s numbers are now included for the convenience of customers. Remember that “similar” is not “the same” and your part could be determined by such issues as transmission and engine combination, so the right part is vital.

Maintaining a Mercedes in peak condition, or restoring one with all original Mercedes parts, carries with it a substantial investment of time and money. With these tips, both of those investments will be less difficult to manage, but still leaving you a beautiful car for a very long time. References.

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