Everything You Need to Know About Nema Power Cords

If you’re in the electrical industry, you’ve probably heard of NEMA power cords before. If you haven’t, there is a lot to know.

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Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about NEMA power cords.

Let’s start with what NEMA power cords are. NEMA power cords are lengths of conductive materials which supply electrical energy from a main power source to a piece of electrical equipment, or an electrical appliance such as a stove or refrigerator.

These cords can be semi-rigid for certain uses, but in general, are flexible in nature. They consist of 2 electrical plugs at each end, a male and female plug. The female plug is connected to the equipment or appliance that needs power, while the male plug connects to an outlet or other energy source.

Who sets the standards for NEMA plugs and power cords? The National Electrical Manufacturers Association or NEMA is responsible for setting the standards on all electrical supply components in North America including NEMA 5 15 plugs, and NEMA 14 30.

To learn more about NEMA power cords, watch the video above!


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