How to Restore Your Car’s Paint Job With a Touch Up Paint Kit

No matter how careful you are, your car will acquire some nicks and scratches over time. These will dull the appearance of the paint job, and may also open a way for rust to reach the body. That’s why it can be important to fix those little blemishes as quickly as possible. If you’re a handy do-it-yourselfer, you can do the touch up paint job yourself, instead of shelling out a couple of thousands for the auto body shop. Paint manufacturers make it easy by offering paints matching model and year. For instance, you can find the exact color for your Chevrolet touch up paint job so that it blends in perfectly with the original color.

How scratches and nicks can hurt your car
They may seem minor, but even those small nicks, cuts and scratches can do some real harm to your car. It’s hard to tell where they come from – it could be someone opening their car door carelessly in the spot next to yours in the parking lot, bits of gravel and rubble thrown up as y

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