Car Carpets The Ultimate Guide to Style and Utility

Replacement carpet

40% of car owners claim to be in love with their vehicles. And yet, have you ever met one of those people who spend hundreds of dollars on sound deadeners, shiny, wood-paneled car flooring, sick rims and an ill paint job only to get into their vehicle and be met with total filth? This is actually pretty typical, as a recent survey showed that only 16% of drivers clean their car once a week. If this makes you as crazy as it makes us, then you’re probably going to want to look into car carpets for your own vehicle (and suggest car carpets to your exterior-obsessed friend). Custom carpets for cars can add the same level of style to a vehicle as tinted windows or gold rims, and have other practical benefits as well, including:
1. Easy cleaning
We get it. When you’re in the car, you’re on the go, which means desperately wolfed-down Dunkin Donuts sandwiches, precariously perched coffee mugs, and glitter from this or that holiday party. Car carpets ensure easy clean up of all life’s daily messes, and can trap dust and dirt efficiently which will mitigate allergies.
2. Carpets banish mold
Without a buffer between your floor and all manner of elements-exposed feet, the bottom of your car is vulnerable to mildew, mold, and other growing things that are very hazardous for your health!
3. Increases life of the car
All this friction, mold, and mildew isn’t just bad for you. It can greatly reduce both the value and life of your vehicle, and make your car look beat up and gross long before its time.
If we’ve convinced you that car carpets or replacement carpet is the way to go, we also have a few opinions on the best kind of carpet:
1. Rubber mats Rubber is great if you own a heavy duty vehicle such as a truck or a hauler. It’s durable, water proof, and easy to hose down. We recommend rubber mats for people who know that fabric based carpet isn’t going to cut it in the face of the excessive water, snow, and wind their cars typically face.
2. Synthetic woven carpet We like car carpets that look and feel like carpets for drier climates and for vehicles that don’t expect to see an undue amount of wear and tear. These carpets can be dust busted once a week and boom, dirt problem solved.
3. Ultra absorbent If you’re not quite ready to rubber-cover your car but know that regular run-of-the-mill carpet won’t do it, look into ultra absorbent additives to your carpet. This is great for excessive rain and high spill areas, so that you can rest easy if your kid spills something like, every single day.
4. Vinyl covers If you’re one of those people that did the math and realized you spend over an hour each day in your car, you probably sprung for some nice, stylish, patterned car carpets. For those of you for whom style is top priority, consider protecting your sweet threads with protective vinyl convering.
If you’re in the group of people who truly loves their cars, please show us pics to prove it below, especially if you’ve got some carpeting glam shots to share.

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