Buyer Beware When it Comes Time to Long Haul Vehicles

Car transporters

When it comes to shipping heavy equipment- especially over longer distance- specialized transportation is usually your best option. Not only does hiring a professional auto transporter let you save time and stress, going this route also saves you fuel costs. However, choosing the right car shipping companies is something vehicle owners should not take lightly.

When shipping your property, you can’t trust possession to just anyone. As a consumer, you need to perform your due diligence to protect your vehicle and heavy equipment. Automobiles and boats are expensive and when fielding car shipping quotes from vehicle transport companies, you want to ensure your asset is well-protected. You also want to make sure you’re dealing with an organization covered under full liability and cargo insurance.

You also want to consider which kind of carrier for your car, motorcycle, boat or RV transport. For example, open carriers used for car shipping are less expensive, but with that more affordable price tag comes a certain level of risk. This option leaves the vehicle open to damage from the weather, driving conditions, road debris, etc.

There is also the multi-carrier transport option- an inexpensive option as well. But considering you are essentially ‘sharing’ the transport vehicle with other customers, the carrier is required to make stops between your point-a and your point-b. Subsequently, the multi-carrier transport option tends to take longer to transport your vehicle.

Vehicle hauling and boat moving is a multimillion dollar-a-year industry. Shipping heavy equipment is something consumers require for a multitude of reasons, be it for vacation, a permanent move or a sale to a buyer in another part of the country. Regardless of your reason for shipping heavy equipment, when seeking the right company for the job, know the U.S. Department of Transportation requires all vehicle transportation companies to have liability and cargo insurance. Dependable auto shipping can be traced to their credentials, and regarding specialized transportation, insurance is among the most important.

In addition to insurance the company you choose to ship your heavy equipment or vehicle, many professional auto shippers allow you to purchase extra insurance for added protection. This offers an additional piece of mind in the event of damage from weather, driving conditions or road debris- especially important when considering the open carrier shipping option. This also protects from any wear and tear of all types that may occur during the transportation process, regardless of which shipping option you may select.

Hiring a professional auto transporter allows an individual to save the time, stress, and fuel costs associated with transporting the vehicle by themselves. When transporting your vehicle or shipping heavy equipment, always do research on the company to ensure the best protection to your property when shipping. Caveat emptor.


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