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3 Reasons To Invest In A Backup Camera This Winter

Backup cameras are slowly becoming a staple of today’s custom interiors and with good reason. In an IIHS study, 100% of drivers operating vehicles without backup cameras in their vehicles ran over a child-size stationary object placed behind the vehicle. This is because it takes a total of 81 inches […]

November 17, 20180 commentsRead More

Don’t Get Caught In The Snow: Complete This Winter Driving Checklist

Summer was wonderful, with its warm days and sunny skies, but — as the saying goes — all good things must come to an end. With winter fast approaching (it has a habit of sneaking up on you all at once), it’s important to get your vehicle prepared for the […]

October 19, 20180 commentsRead More

3 Reasons to Leave Commercial Truck Repair to the Professionals

Commercial trucks need to be kept in excellent shape. Not only are they responsible for transporting mass amounts of goods, but they often travel long distances to make deliveries. If there is something wrong with the truck, it could end up needing roadside repair during a long and important trip. […]

August 6, 20180 commentsRead More

Backup Cameras Provide Security and Convenience for Drivers

There is an infinite number of reasons to add aftermarket additions to your vehicle, and just about as many possible additions. Add-ons or upgrades such as head units, speakers, window tinting, and backup cameras can be added to almost any vehicle and provide the driver with extras that weren’t available […]

May 1, 20180 commentsRead More

3 Essential Questions To Ask Your Toyota Dealer Before Purchasing A Vehicle

When it comes to buying new or used cars for sale, there are so many considerations to make. Toyotas, however, have proven to be some of the most durable and long-lasting cars av200ilable. In fact, the Toyota Prius was introduced nearly 20 years ago and remains the world’s best-selling, mass-market, […]

October 25, 20170 commentsRead More