What Is Ceramic Coating?

The video titled “Everything You Need To Know About Ceramic Coatings” provides a comprehensive exploration of ceramic coatings and their properties. Ceramic coating is a popular automotive protection product, and this video delves into its application and benefits.

Ceramic coatings are elucidated in detail, highlighting their application process, which requires skill and care to prevent potential damage during the application.

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It’s explained that while ceramic coating can offer protection, it won’t entirely shield your vehicle from scratches and rock chips. The video dispels common misconceptions surrounding ceramic coatings, emphasizing that while they can safeguard your car’s paint, they won’t render it completely immune to wear and tear.

Moreover, the benefits of ceramic coatings are showcased, focusing on the enhancement of gloss and their self-cleaning feature. To illustrate the latter, a practical demonstration is performed on a car hood, showing how the coated side repels mud more effectively. This emphasizes the hydrophobic properties of ceramic coatings.

The video also touches upon the relationship between ceramic coatings and paint protection films. It’s highlighted that applying a paint protective film over a ceramic-coated surface can pose challenges as it may not bond properly. However, the video introduces Expell ceramic coatings as a solution to this problem, enabling both protective measures to coexist effectively.

The video educates viewers about the advantages of ceramic coating while offering a balanced perspective on its limitations. It clarifies their real benefits, emphasizing gloss and hydrophobic qualities, while cautioning against misconceptions and emphasizing the importance of proper installation and curing time. Additionally, it presents a viable option for combining ceramic coatings and paint protection films for a well-rounded approach to vehicle protection.

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