Ways To Prevent Driving Under The Influence

Driving under the influence is still a considerable problem all throughout the United States. In fact, every single day nearly thirty lives are claimed because of drunk driving alone and car crashes related to alcohol cost a total of nearly sixty billion dollars every single year.

Though drunk driving can have devastating consequences, there are ways that it can be stopped – or at least reduced. For instance, a car breathalyzer cost is well worth the installation of a car breathalyzer. Though a car breathalyzer cost may seem steep initially, it is well worth the lives saved. A car breathalyzer cost will also ultimately save money as well, as it prevents the often expensive damages that are typically sustained in a drunk driving related incident.

The car breathalyzer (and subsequently the car breathalyzer cost) are part of the bigger interlock device that has become common in cars of repeat offenders. As someone who was involved in a fatal crash as a drunk driver was up to six times more likely to sustain another drunk driving related car accident, an ignition interlock system is one sure fire way to keep them off the road if they are intoxicated. In fact, ignition interlock installation has led to a seventy percent reduction in the likelihood of the former drunk driver becoming involved in a related incident again.

An ignition interlock system works hand in hand with a discreet breathalyzer by measuring the amount of alcohol in the driver’s system. If that amount exceeds 0.02 BAC, the car will not turn on. These interlocks are typically set far below the legal limit to reduce any risk of driving while intoxicated and there has been talk of these systems becoming common place in vehicles, even for non offenders. If that were to be the case, the limit would be set at around 0.04 BAC, which is still considerably below the legal limit of 0.08 BAC and is thought to reduce drunk driving incidents, accidents, and tragedies even more.

Though some may think of the car breathalyzer cost as prohibitive, it is really anything but. Though a car breathalyzer cost may be pricey, it is well worth it to keep people safe. The driver him or herself is also given back a considerable degree of freedom. The alternative to an interlock device is often simply just the removal of the drunk driver’s license with little hope of getting it back in a timely manner. The implementation of these car breathalyzer systems prevents that, allow people to get back on the road but preventing them from doing so in a manner that would be dangerous to both themselves and others. A car breathalyzer system has been proven to be effective in reducing accidents attributed to driving under the influence, particularly for those who have already had at least one DUI related arrest and subsequent conviction. Many of these systems have been shown to reduce fatalities and even more minor motor vehicle accidents related to driving under the influence, particularly in cases of drunk driving.

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