The Corvette is a Classic Car That Never Goes Out of Style

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The Chevrolet Corvette is a style classic and a highly effective racing car. It has a special place in the hearts of racing car enthusiasts, and is also famous through its appearances in film, tv and popular culture. Now in its seventh generation of production, the Corvette is still a serious racing car. Older models much valued by vintage fans. If you are the owner of a classic model and decide that I want to sell my corvette, you will find that classic Corvette dealers are always looking for well kept models.

Seven generations of Corvettes
The first Corvette rolled off the production line in 1953. By 2009, 1.5 million Corvettes has been produced. The best selling Corvette of all time is the 1979 C3. In the first year alone, it sold 58,307 units.
Another memorable Corvette is the The Stingray, produced from 1963 to 67. Until the 1963 fixed roof Sting Ray Coupe, Corvettes were produced only as convertibles, for the first ten years.The split-window fixed roof 1963 Sting Ray coupe was the second generation Corvette that doubled sales and made it a popular car for cold climates.

Since 1953, Corvettes have been made at three plants: the original one in Flint, Mich, since 1953; at St. Louis, MO from 1954 to 1981; and Bowling Green, Ky, from 1981-2014 to the present. Bowling Green Ky is also home to the National Corvette Museum, where fans can spend many happy hours looking at vintage models and memorabilia.

A lean, mean racing machine
Named for a class of warship, the Corvette is a serious racing car that is still a winner. Corvette Racing has won 92 races around the world since 1999. This includes 85 races in North America and 7 overseas. These wins included:

  • 58 1-2 finishes
  • Seven 24 Hours of Le Mans class wins
  • Ten ALMS manufacturers championships
  • Ten ALMS team championships
  • Nine ALMS drivers championships

The fastest Corvette ever made was the 1968 LT-2 with a prototype ?70 engine. As recorded by Motor Trend, its 0-60 time at 2.8 seconds is the fastest recorded in Corvette history. It coved 1/4 mile in 10.86 seconds, at speeds of 124.64 miles per hour.
What classic corvette dealers are looking for
Classic Corvettes are living legends and if you own one, you will find plenty of classic corvette buyers if you should decide to sell your corvette. Your local classic corvette dealer can advise you on the models that corvette buyers are looking for, and help you assess the condition of your car.
If you’re looking for a good home for your car, the best thing is to call your classic corvette dealers to get started.

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