Peterbilt 379 Twin Turbo Conversion

Are you looking to supercharge your engine? For many car enthusiasts, getting the most out of your car is the least you can do, especially if you’ve spent a large sum of money on the car. One way you can make your engine better is by performing a cat turbo conversion. Turbo conversion is taking the stock exhaust of the car and replacing it with a more durable and high performing exhaust.

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By performing these ecm parameter adjustments, your engine will perform much better resulting in a car that can go faster for longer amounts of time. So if you’re going to go ahead with this, make sure you look into ecm tuning services to make sure your car is ready for this type of tune up. Also, you’ll need to find a turbo supplier that has the equipment you need. Not every car mechanic works in turbo, so don’t assume that your local car mechanic will have what you need. In this video, we see a turbo being added to a semi-truck because of the loads that a semi needs to be carrying.

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