Learn the Basic Maintenance That Can Prevent the Need for Automotive Repair Service

Bringing in your vehicle for automotive repair service can sometimes be necessary, but also very expensive. Youtube channel Car and Driver demonstrates several ways you can repair your own vehicle in the comfort of home.

A good first step is to check the vehicle fluid levels.

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Pop the hood and check the levels. Each fluid container should have a “minimum” and “maximum” line. All fluid should be in between those two. Also, check the clarity of the fluid. If it’s cloudy and/or very dark, it’s time to replace it.

Another job you can do on your own is to replace your vehicle’s air filter. If it’s very dirty, throw it out, and replace it with a new one.

To avoid issues opening up your hood in the future, lubricate the latches. White lithium grease is highly recommended, and will last much longer than, say, WD-40.

Checking tire pressure on a regular basis will prevent flats and accidents on the road. This is especially important in the winter time when it becomes very cold.

Another repair you can make is replacing the windshield wipers. They can wear down overtime, making visibility an issue when driving in rain, snow, mud, etc.

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