Car Repair Tip: How to Take Apart Mercury Outboard Lower Units

Housing the prop and gear case, the lower unit of an outboard motor takes power and rotation from an engine, transferring them to a shaft and propeller. It requires proper maintenance regularly, which increases its effectiveness and durability.

To get us started, gather a ratchet, 14-16mm sockets, and a flat blade screwdriver. Start by removing the top cowling, then by pushing the plastic retainer clip, disconnect the linkage to the shaft. To release the retainer, push the plastic off the shift shaft and move it to the left.

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The trim tab and lower unit should be correctly aligned to the outboard lower units for easier reinstallation. Reach the trim tab bolt and remove it with the trim tab. Next, find the hidden lower unit mounting bolt and remove it.

Before removing the four mounting bolts around the top of the lower unit, the lower unit needs to be supported to keep it from dropping. Lastly, you can detach the lower unit from the outboard. You could tap it lightly with a mallet to loosen it up if it doesn’t come off.

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