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The Three Points to Use in Marketing Your Windshield Repair Business

August 31, 2017 8:21 pm0 comments

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Your windshield repair business is doing well but you would like it to do just a little bit better. You’ve thought about how you might be able to be more effective with your marketing strategy and you have a number of great ideas.

There are so many different ways you could point out how helpful your business can be to people. After all, virtually everyone is driving some sort of vehicle with a windshield and will need the repair of a car windshield crack at one time or another during the course of their driving lives.

You figure you could mention the benefits of windshield resins and the car windshield crack repair options you offer, but, in the end, you keep getting stuck on the features windshield crack repair kits instead of the benefits.

When the rubber meets the road (or the rock meets the windshield) there are three major benefits to mention in your windshield repair service marketing.

1.) Windshield crack repairs are immediate.

Windshield crack repairs are immediate almost 75% of the time and 100% of the time effect savings from a replacement windshield. If you have ten crack repairs then you save ten windshields from having to be replaced. The effective application of windshield crack repair resin can save a client a great deal of money.

2.) Your business helps save lives.

According to the National Traffic Highway Saftey Administration, the car windshield is one of the primary components that make up a car’s safety restraint system. When a rock cracks a windshield, it compromises that restraint system, putting anyone who is in that car at risk. Your company’s windshield crack repair resin can put the car’s windshield back in perfect working order, restoring it to a healthy part of the vehicle’s restraint system.

3.) Your company does it right the first time.

According to recent national statistics, nearly 80% of auto glass replacements are not installed properly. When this occurs, it may leave a vehicle worse off than before the glass was replaced. You do not need to mention other companies by name to proclaim that your business is the best there is at repairing and replacing damaged windshields.

There are many benefits to what your windshield repair company has to offer. There is no need to be shy about letting potential customers know about all of the benefits you have to offer in your marketing plan.

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