Top Three Storage Unit Tips For Traveling, Moving And Winter Months

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Whether you’re moving, traveling or looking to keep treasured items or furniture safe for the winter, you need a storage place you can trust to keep your belongings secure. Many people end up frustrated with their storage units because they don’t check for common issues such as leaks or lackluster security measures. Below I’ll list the top storage unit tips, from statistics to useful facts, so you’ll spend more time confident in your decision and less time worrying about what-ifs!

Storage Units In America

Everyone needs storage space in their day-to-day lives. It’s estimated that there’s 21 square feet of storage space in every U.S. household, with the storage unit industry at large contributing $3 billion in local taxes every year. It’s been found that one in ten adults will rent a storage unit as of 2012 and many companies offer multiple deals and time frames to accommodate varied demand. So what storage unit should you look out for?

Professional Storage v.s. Mediocre Storage

Professional storage should keep your belongings dry and secure. Before signing up for a storage unit it’s important to give it a thorough inspection and make sure it meets general regulations, such as up-to-date locks and regular air circulation, before buying. The best storage unit should also give you extra time to store your belongings in case your schedule changes at the last minute. Car storage systems, in particular, are designed specifically to keep your car from rusting or being stolen.

Winter Car Storage

Secure car storage should keep your automobile safe from the elements, which includes condensation that can build up in a closed, warm area during the colder months. When you use a car storage unit you help avoid common issues like rusting, water damage and scratches that can happen outside. Some storage units are even equipped with a burglar alarm and security cameras if theft is a concern. Whatever your goal, as long as you keep in mind these basic storage unit tips you’ll prevent potential damage happening to your car or belongings and get the most value for your dollar!

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