Three Important Things to Discuss When Negotiating an Employee Relocation

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Corporate relocation services can help with the challenging issue of having to move an employee from one office to another in a different city. Though often complicated, there are corporate relocation specialists who can help with the tedious logistics, such as how to ship a car across country or move a whole family of four into a new home.

No matter what the employee and the company needs, each has to come together to negotiate a corporate relocation service package that provides the necessary assistance to the former, and protects the latter. Here are a few of the most important points to discuss when negotiating employee relocations.


Not all relocations come with a raise, but if the new area has a higher cost of living, it’s only fair to adjust the pay accordingly. On the other hand, if he or she is going some place where it’s cheaper to live, then it only makes sense to leave their salary the way it is.


Moving is naturally going to be one of the main talking points. Discuss what corporate relocation services will cover in terms of packing, storage, and transportation, and what the employee will need to cover on his or her own. The most important thing for employers to consider is the pressure their employees are under. Making the transition as painless as possible with corporate relocation services will not only make the employee appreciative, but also less apprehensive about the whole situation.


It’s vital for employers to obtain all of the necessary tax implications and then share the info with the employee. While the business isn’t responsible for the tax burden, assisting the employee will only facilitate a better relationship. Employers may also want to negotiate a situation that’s more tax beneficial to the employee as well.

Every relocation is different. One might not call for much help, while another situation involving four young children might need specialized transportation services, and another might even need heavy equipment transportation because of the employee’s specific job. Corporate relocation services can make matters much simpler, but the key is to negotiate a package that both parties can agree on. If you have any questions about corporate relocation services, feel free to ask in the comments. Continue reading here.

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